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Put Them In The Bin

Facebook Mr Trump....

Facebook Politicians

Keep Veg Fresh

Gym Proof (?) but it's too expensive....

Where I Used To Walk The Dog

Clive at Iechyd Da

Proud added to now

Da Gruniad Naughty

When I'm Cleanin' Windows

Tory Free Zone Bitter

Experimenting Panorama

The Light On

Where We First Lived A Too Precise Version

Camera Quality redun

J&M Idiot


Where Did I Used To Live?

Need One for next year

Tighten My Waistband

Global Chillingupdated

Take Down The Decorations


CIWF Frolicking noisy

Facebook Trump show us your..... noisy

Greenpeace And You In 2017

Youtube The Best... noise req

My Offspring

Facebook Getting Ready

Da Gruniad Be A Hippy It Can Do You Some Good read on, para 6

Xmas Folk Night (Finally fixed the mobile phone version of this page to be shown automatically to mobile phones.12.20pm)

Dinner Tonight

Homophobic Bin

Facebook Peanut's/Santa

WTF Is Going On.... with technology these days?

Chilly Yesterday

Belfast Pressies Updated

Misty Morning More Misty Morning

Facebook A Political SongMr Trump

ID Card


Testing, Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three

Aargh - I Won, but technically lost

More Cycling

Weather - Wintry Now

noisy Facebook "Oh", MM said on the phone to his Missus tonight. Not that I was earwigging but I thought of this

Facebook "Nasty Womannoise required

A Project



J&M Women's Right's

Graffiti? renewed

The New Cycling Place



Good Night Out

Monthly Do

Go Green - It's Christmas

Timmy Was Taking Up My Suggestion

Vegetarian Hat

How I Looked 4 years ago

Brain Injury - the truth


J&M Micro

Facebook Just Wow noisy


Facebook Say No More....

Phill Jupitus Treats

Wintry Day And On The Way Home

J&M Bullshit (?)

For The Bats To Live In

Cheerful Chrimbly-do-dah

Son Of..... (Shock Horror)

It Was Attached

Snooker loopy nuts are we

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