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The Meter Changer

Bowling Alley - What Did I Win?

Privatisation (noisy)

How Fast These Days?

Drying My Washing - Lovely Day

J&M "You Realise What You Just Did There, Don't You?"

Put It Away

Which? Fark, there's none from Morrison where I shop every week

Redecoration more pics now

Try It Again

Da Gruniad With Plastic?

Cloudy Night More Clouds Tonight


Question Mark?

Yum Yum

Bought More Footwear AND A Hat  Aargh!!!

Big Climb

What Grows?

J&M Taxes

WhereTF Was I?

Facebook Oppression Obsession

Unexpected Blues

Bigger it is

Whose Car Were We In?

Not Just Flowers

Right Hand Well Improving

No Salad Pack

Da Gruniad The World Cup

Too Big

Liam Tolerance?

ebay Oh Fark...

Cloud Type (and mobile version too)

Made Me Emotional (noise required)

Old Pics of mine


How Did We Do ThisAhhhh, like this - But Again This Is A Digital Version

Walkies Indoors

From The Loins Of A Pirate

Where We Were a fortnight ago


J&M God Sez...

You Can't Eat That


Mr Independent - Cleaning

Every Day The Jungle Gets Bigger ... And Bigger And Bigger ...

The Headway Get Together We Wrote A Song Today noisy

It's MY Name Now Da Gruniad

Early Career Plans

Writing With My Right Hand more

Next Stage Of Gardening

Moved Onto A New Window

Bigger AGAIN

Need I Say More? +

Bad Weather Slightly Worse Today

Old Pages