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How Did We Do ThisAhhhh, like this - But Again This Is A Digital Version

Walkies Indoors

From The Loins Of A Pirate

Where We Were a fortnight ago


J&M God Sez...

You Can't Eat That


Mr Independent - Cleaning

Every Day The Jungle Gets Bigger ... And Bigger And Bigger ...

The Headway Get Together We Wrote A Song Today noisy

It's MY Name Now Da Gruniad

Early Career Plans

Writing With My Right Hand more

Next Stage Of Gardening

Moved Onto A New Window

Bigger AGAIN

Need I Say More? +

Bad Weather Slightly Worse Today

Theatre +



What Are We Doing Tomorrow Night?

About Me?

Practice Uploading Video asking Timmy for advice

J&M Religous Nonsense

Much Bigger Veg

Whassat Noise?

more Where Was I This WeekendWhere We Stayed

Bigger Again - More Work

Wearing..... +

Long Walk At Burry Port




New In My Garden +++

Youtube Fark you skillful/lucky bugger Mike noisy

Getting Ready

Dry The Washing

Plantin' Out

Again..... Phew

xkcd Romance


How Sad Am I?

More Welsh Weather

Pour My Pasta

Half Fixed

A Pet

Uber Cleaning

Theraputic Walk

Through Glass Mode

Non Velcro Trainers

What Will They Think Of NextAdvertising In An Email I Received Today (video/sound)

Copy Cat

Veg In The Greenhouse

Tidy Up The Garden

Just To Remind You...

We Hope So Well I Do Anyway... Da Gruniad (Noisy) Video On 25th Amendment....

Rain In Wales

Uneven Surface ++

Old Pages