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What Did I Make?

Wind Has Dropped

Sahara Dust

Quotes from the Interweb

Scary Noisy Wind

What Colour Flowers?

Blues And Beyond

Sunny and dry

"New" Dinner


Screenshots from my phone

J&M Bigotry

He Doesn't Wear T-Shirts

Da Gruniad Urk

Da Gruniad Politics saving the world?

A Service

No Walking Stick

Matthew I Recall

After A Month Of Waiting

Am I Obsessed Da Gruniard fixed now

Mike Ooh clever extracting the michael

J&M It Says So

Oops I think I need a new one, Bought OneBooked For Next WeekAn Expensive Treat

I Am Getting Better

Rude Git

Panorama Shot

Who Should I Buy One Of These ForFacebook

USB Cables Liam

Technology these days

Facebook noisy Make Hands for kids

Rain In Wales

J&M A Little

Men's Shed improved overnight

An Aeroplane

You Must Do Without It DuckDuckGo

Proper Walking again AT LAST

Amazon (shouts)*NO*(/s)

The Far Side Whoops

Decoration redone

Save The Children Sleek, Fast, Unstoppable

Da Gruniard What's Going On With Technology these day's

What Colour?

Gifs I Think They Are Called

Brum Brum

Pub Loo

No Neil don't drink it

Daddy Long Legs

Da Gruniard Technology

Back At Work

J&M Pray

Going Backwards

Good Trip Out

Party Political Garments?

Ultra Newbie + + +

Iechyd Da-ing

J&M Nice

My Freezer Is Fixed + + +

Walking Around Swansea

Gone To Seed


Facebook How Clever?

youtube Irish dancers surprise the Judges with their modern twist

Aargh Too Complex

From My Garden

That's Whose Coming Tomorrow - And Here They Were (mobile phone friendly now)

It Was My Birthday

J&M Sing

If Only...

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