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Made It By Myself

Facebook Talk About It noisy

Come On Summer

J&M Test

rude and noisy Oh, I recall

SDITH No Neilit's too dear

Yum yum

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I Am Getting Better

Da Gruniad Modern Times


Can You Find One?

Good Clean Fun

potentially noisy Neighbours

J&M Objectification

Da Gruniad Taking Pictures as the rocket takes off for Mars

Clean It

Scary Weather (a few days apart)

Out For A Walk

Not As Fattening Ice Cream B&J MORE Not As Fattening

Rugby Fan

What Was My Nickname 10 Years Ago?

Falling Over

Yes But No

Flymo Removals Man from CRS Removals


Better and Better and.....

Da Gruniad Copy CatFish

Ooooh, Much Less Fattening B&J

Amazon NO Neildiet

She Asked... No Neil

Iechyd Ding That's Me On The LHS Of This Photo Facebook

Da Gruniad Gord Nose Why

Da Gruniad Hmmmmm

J&M Homo Religiousus

My Symptoms but "we" are in control

Ebay They Are Trying To Focus On Selling To Me

Experimenting With My Camera  (Confusing It)  More Experimenting

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